Add Board Games to Your Prepper Stock Pile

Bug In

Natural disasters, pandemics, or terrorist attacks may force people to bug in remain inside their homes for an extended period of time.   All preppers know to stock pile food, water and medicine, but many people fail to prepare for boredom.  Being trapped inside a home for an extended period of time can lead to cabin fever.  Board games are a great and cheap way to help relieve boredom; therefore all preppers should add board games to their stockpile of supplies.

Good for your health

In 2015, The Health Fitness Revolution published an article listing ten health benefits of board games.  According to this article, board games can reduce stress, and increase endorphins.  Increased endorphin production can lead to better immune systems, lower blood pressure, and greater feelings of happiness.

Board games also develop problem solving and critical thinking skills.  In a bug in event, schools will be shut down.  Parents should not let their children’s education fall by the wayside.  Board games are great and easy way for children to develop cognitive skills when they are away from school.


There are a few things to consider when buying and stockpiling board games.  First of all, I would not buy games that required batteries.  Not being able to play a game, because its batteries are dead, would ruin anyone’s day.  I also would not purchase games that are excessively loud, or have lots of repetitive noises.  Loud children’s games will quickly irk even the most patient parent.

Next, get age appropriate games.  Parents will get tired of only playing children’s games, and children will not enjoy only playing adult games like chess.  Finally, it would be wise to stock a wide variety of games.  Playing only one game would become monotonous and boring quite quickly.


Board games are a good and cheap way to spend time with your family.  In a normal situation, board games are fun.  In a bug in situation, they may prevent people from losing their sanity by providing hours of entertainment.

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