Apocalypse: A Horrible Dream or an Expectation?

It was on August 6, 1945 when the world’s first atomic bomb exploded on the soil of Hiroshima, Japan. The blast initially killed close to 50,000 while the subsequent radiation and other disasters due to the bomb killed another 100,000.  The recipe for the blast found its way into the hands of the Russians, and the Arms Race was on. A show of spacecrafts leaving the atmosphere was a way to say, “Our rockets can reach the moon, so you know they can definitely reach you.” The Cold War gave many Americans the fear and disillusion of no hope; that nuclear annihilation would plague the Earth.

Speaking of plagues the Bubonic Plague also known as the Black Death surged through Europe during the 1300’s with a death toll of 75 to 200 million people in just ten years. It was a devastating time, leading many people to believe it was the end of times. Today, there is the possibility of modern-day pandemic with Ebola, Influenza, or the Bird Flue which could contaminate and kill millions. It could cause enough hysteria for people to consider it the apocalypse. Biological warfare and bio-terrorism are scary thoughts to give any person a restless night.

Two places hold the small pox virus, the CDC in the United States, and a Russian Bio-lab located in Siberia. Research on such a deadly disease could yield a threat with a cotangent that is aerial and immune to modern-day vaccination. Shortly after the 9/11 attacks, letters containing Anthrax spores were sent to news agencies and two democratic senators. Five were killed, and seventeen became sick because of the bio-terror attack, which is now known as the worst act of bio-terrorism in modern US history.

For those who want to be entertained by an apocalypse, the AMC network has it covered with every possible way to kill a zombie, and increase human of survival in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  If people are to believe the Walking Dead, zombies aren’t even the real monsters, but people are. In a multitude of zombie movies and video games, the survivors come in contact with other people only to be attacked and killed for their resources. I personally was a fan of the game Fallout, playing the game to see how I fared in a post nuclear apocalyptic world, and if I could not only survive radiation, but the groups that came to power and wanted the water and food I had.

Why do people put themselves into this fantasy of going deep underground and emerging after the disaster to lead their families in a devastated world?  Have people de-synthesized themselves by watching these shows and playing violent games?  Do people think that they can survive the initial onslaught and be able to pull the trigger on the first thing that gets close to them?  With countless video games, television shows and movies based on apocalyptic events, one question must be asked- Do we actually anticipate an apocalypse?

Most people probably fall into one of three categories.  One, they do not expect or have never thought about an apocalyptic event.  Two, they think an apocalyptic event can occur but there is nothing they can do about.  Three, they expect it to happen, and accept it, because they ‘know’ they will survive!

I’m in the position to believe that most people fall in that third category of both expecting and accepting what may happen, because I too have the belief that if it did happen then I could survive. It does make me laugh to think that I will not be discriminated by disease or nuclear fallout. It is an interesting concept that we believe we will survive, that our own collective skills make us better than our neighbors and that we will live and that they will die. I imagine that this has gone on though out history, from biblical beginnings till today. Even with the 2012 apocalypse and Y2K, did we not think, “If this happens, I’m still going to make it.”

If you believe you can survive, make sure that the skills you have make you a productive member of your community. I’m not telling you to become a doomsday prepper, but to take into consideration what makes your survival much more possible in any event. Whether you are caught in a hurricane, lost in the woods, or if the whole solar flare and EMP event happens and the country has lost power, will you be able to survive and help your family live on? If a big event happens, will you be able to have the courage to bring your community together? If a leader is present, will you be able to be a good follower and help provide for your people? If there is no leader present, will you be able to take charge?

At any point in time an event could happen that means life or death for us or the ones we love. There is the possibility that we could or be caught up in some sort of serious natural catastrophe or even in a terrorist attack.   What people can bring to the table in these events can help determine if they stay alive. It doesn’t take a worldwide disaster to bring Armageddon to your door so people should take stock of what they can do now and determine how they can learn more to survive an Apocalypse.


Garrison Wayne

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