Baseball Will Become America’s Pastime Again

Baseball Will Become America’s Pastime Again

The time of the NFL being America’s most popular sport is quickly coming to an end.  The National Anthem protests have seriously hurt the leagues approval ratings.  Also, according to NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith, a strike or a lockout is a near certainty following the 2020 season.  With all of the turmoil facing the NFL, Major League Baseball is set to once again be America’s pastime and reign supreme as the number one sport in the world.   

Currently, the NFL generates more revenue than any other league in the world.  In 2015, the NFL generated 13 billion dollars in revenue whereas MLB generated 9.5 dollars in revenue.  Obviously, the 9.5 billion dollars generated by MLB is a lot less than the 13 billion generated by the NFL.  It is still enough to rank it as the second highest revenue generating league in the world.  Unfortunately for the NFL, the popularity of the sport seems to have taken a nose dive.  A poll conducted by the Winston Group stated the NFL had the highest unfavorable ratings of all the major sports in America, and according to this survey, baseball is now the most popular sport in America.   

Why is football losing popularity?

Unquestionably, the National Anthem protests have hurt the league, but that is not the only problems facing the NFL.  First of all, rules in the NFL have been become ridiculous.  The NFL has changed where extra points are kicked from and where the ball is placed on a touch-back.  What is a catch in the NFL?  Who the heck knows?  

Concussions are another major concern for the NFL.  In 2013, the NFL settled a class action lawsuit and agreed to pay 765 million dollars to pay for concussion related problems for retired NFL players.   If that is not bad enough, concussion expert Dr. Bennet Omalu has stated that it should be considered child abuse to allow children to play football under the age of 18.

Why will baseball become the number one sport in America?

First of all, America’s demography is changing.  Immigration from Latin America and Asia will change the landscape of American sports.  Arguably, soccer will be the greatest beneficiary of America becoming a more diverse nation, but baseball could also benefit from immigration.  The second most popular sport in Mexico is baseball.  In some Asian and Caribbean countries, baseball is the most popular sport.  While baseball is a popular sport for many immigrants, football does not hold the same appeal for most immigrants.

Even though America is rapidly changing, baseball is not.  Today, baseball is played basically the same way that it was one hundred years ago.  With all of the changes occurring in America, it is nice to have a sport that is the same today as it was yesterday.  

As football begins to wane in popularity, baseball may be poised to take over as the top American sport.  It is not going to happen overnight, but baseball is in the perfect position to become the number one sport in America in the next decade.

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