Glen, Pat, and Stu versus Alex Jones

Why is The Blaze obsessed with Alex Jones?

If a person is unfortunate enough to have to watch The Blaze, there is a good chance they will hear one of the broadcasters babbling on about how terrible Alex Jones and his listeners are.  Almost daily there is some type of edited clip of Alex Jones.  Following the edited clip of Infowars, the broadcasters make some smug remarks about Jones.  They might say that his show is outlandish and his views are outrageous.  They have compared him to a snake oil salesman who is peddling his wares to brainwashed followers.  Usually, they follow up this statement by trying to sell their survival food to their enlightened viewers.

What do Glen Beck and company have against Infowars?  Most people would think that Mr. Agenda 21 (Glen Beck) would be part of the resistance and partner with Infowars to bring down The New World Order.  Sadly, this is not the case.  Instead of fighting globalism, The Blaze features programs like Pat and Stu.  Instead of taking on the corrupt media, democrats, globalism, Steve (Stu) Burguiere, and Pat Gray along with their obese side kick Jeffy, discuss luxury movie theaters and eat food on the set.  Not only is Pat and Stu not a hard hitting news show, it is not even entertaining.  The only entertaining part of the Pat and Stu Show is the uncanny resemblance to the Three Stooges.  It is quite easy to close your eyes and imagine Stu as Moe, Pat as Larry, and the fat guy (Jeffy) as a replaceable Curly, Shemp or Curly Joe.

I will be the first one to admit that Alex Jones can be over the top.  For example, while Mr. Jones was conducting a very good interview with a former employee of the Clinton’s, he asked if Hillary Clinton smelled like sulfur.  Now, all fans of Supernatural know what the smell of sulfur means.  Obviously, there is a lot of showmanship to Alex Jones.

At the moment, one can only guess at the reasons for the disdain of Alex Jones.  Glen Beck could be jealous of Alex Jones or he could be a globalist.  Personally, I believe that Glen Beck’s disdain for President Trump is the reason for the attacks on Alex Jones.  Jones is a vocal supporter of the president and has been from the beginning.  I believe Beck may have a case of Trump mania.  No, he is not rioting in the streets but I believe he would be tickled to death to see the demise of President Trump.

I am not a big fan of The Blaze.  I thoroughly enjoyed Glen Beck on Fox News but The Blaze has been a complete disappointment from day one.  It would be great if Beck and company would concentrate their programs on making America great or fighting globalism instead of attacking Alex Jones.  My advice to The Blaze is to put down the doughnuts and start attacking the real enemies of the country instead of Alex Jones.

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