Should you bring a gun to church?

The Palm Sunday booming in Egypt that killed over forty Coptic Christians is an extremely sad and tragic event.  Unfortunately, no one should be shocked that Islamic terrorists targeted Christians in Egypt or anywhere else in the Middle East.  The world is becoming a dangerous place for Christians.  Even in America, Christians should start making preparations to defend themselves.

Christians are being persecuted and attacked by Islamic terrorists all over the world.  It is hard to get an accurate estimate of the amount of Christians who are the victims of Islamic persecution.  Often time’s violent attacks such as rape and assault are not reported by the victims.  Also, authorities in many countries hide the motive or the identity of the perpetrators of violent crimes against Christians.  Another reason it is impossible to get an accurate idea of the number of Christians who are persecuted by Islamic terrorists is political correctness.  Many “news” organizations underreport or flat out lie when it comes to attacks on Christians by Muslims.  Getting an accurate picture of how many Christians are victims of violent Islamic extremism is impossible but a report by the Center of Studies on New Religions  (CENSUR) states that around 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith in 2016.

Today, most Christians in America are well aware of the dangers their fellow Christians face in other parts of the world but most American Christians have probably never had any serious concerns about being persecuted due to their faith.  Are Christians in America immune to the persecution faced by millions of other Christians throughout the world?  Unfortunately, today’s world makes the odds of churches and Christians being attacked in America highly probable.  In Sydney, Australia, Christians are being advised to cover up their crosses when they are in public places.  According to recent reports by monitoring groups, attacks on Christians in Europe and especially France are becoming more and more prevalent.

In America, today’s churches are typically filled with children and the elderly who make churches very vulnerable targets.   Christians in America should think about and prepare for terrorist attacks.  Already, there are places in America where churches should consider hiring armed security officers to guard the congregation.  For most churches in America that is not an option.  With memberships down in churches all over the country, additional expenditures are not an option.  In many of the small congregations it will be up to the individual members to protect themselves and the worshipers who are too young or too old defend themselves.  The likely hood of you being attacked at church in America is very small, but with the way the country and the world is changing, American Christians should consider arming themselves before they go to a worship service.

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