Did Russia Try to Influence Our Election?

Did Russia try to influence the Presidential Election?

Probably, but there are at least three better questions the media and congressmen should ask.  One, “Why would Russia want Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton?”  Democrats may answer this question by stating that they believe Donald Trump will remove the sanctions that President Obama placed on Russia.  Some Democrats and other adversaries of President Trump have tried to peddle the idea that the Russians have some sort of sordid information on President Trump that they can use to black mail him into doing their bidding.  Both ideas on why Russia would want Trump over Clinton are plausible, but they are also pure speculation.  On the other hand a huge story involving Mrs. Clinton and Russia has gone largely unreported by the main stream media.

While Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State, her department approved the sale of a majority stake in Uranium One, a Canadian company that holds mining assets in America that make up twenty percent of the nations existing uranium, to Rosatom which is Russia’s atomic energy agency.  It doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to conclude that Russia gaining such a large amount of America’s uranium is problematic to say the least.  Instead of covering this issue and questioning the sale, many news outlets gave Mrs. Clinton cover by stating candidate Trump’s statements about the sale were false.  How was his statement false?   According to these “news outlets,” Russia didn’t acquire twenty percent of America’s uranium; they acquired twenty percent of America’s uranium capacity.  Maybe that is why Russia wanted Trump to be president; they only got twenty percent of the uranium capacity not twenty percent of America’s uranium.

All of that leads us to the second important question, “Who is trying to influence the electorate?”   It would be very easy to argue that China has tried to influence the American people more than Russia.  The Chinese mogul Wang Jianlin is trying to buy one of the six major Hollywood studios.  Why would the Chinese want to buy a movie studio?  Are there not better investments than a movie studio since motion pictures regularly lose money?  Does China have a nefarious reason for wanting to buy a movie studio?  It is easy to speculate that China is trying to influence the American public through mass media.

Finally, does America try to influence the elections in other countries?  The obvious answer to this question is yes.  One doesn’t have to go back very far to find America’s finger prints all over a foreign election.  In the last election in Israel, the Obama administration sent some $350,000 in tax payers’ dollars to OneVoice which used that money to try to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  According to political scientist Dov Levin, the United States tried to influence as many as 81 foreign elections between the years of 1946 and 2000.

So did Russia try to influence our Presidential election?  They probably did, along with every other industrialized country in the world, but there is no need to worry, I’m sure we will return the favor sometime soon.






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