Donald Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency is about what I expected. He has done some good things, most importantly his nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but he has proven to be completely unpresidential. His Twitter outbursts have about as much thought put into them as your average 14-year-old girl tweeting about Beyonce (or whatever 14-year-old girls tweet about.) Democrats have opposed everything he has said and done, even opposing and tearing down his Cabinet appointments, because they are diametrically opposed to common sense, decency and morality. They would have opposed a President Cruz or Rubio on everything as well, but we would have the advantage of having not only the moral high ground, but a Republican president who could verbalize that moral high ground. Instead we have a president who shoots off at the mouth (or keyboard) with no reasoning or evidence to support his assertions. A president who gives up the moral high ground against a main stream media whose corruption can’t be denied, by simply calling them names and basically telling the American people, “Don’t listen to the media, listen to me!” This behavior is not only unbecoming of a president but it is also dangerous. The media deserves to be called out. They are made up mostly of far left radicals who work hand in hand with the Democrat party. George Stephanopolis is one of the main anchors for ABC news, and he was the press secretary for Bill Clinton, for crying out loud!  And sadly enough, he is far from the most partisan “non-biased” journalist at the main networks. But their bias should be called out with facts, and level-headed arguments. It wouldn’t be hard to do. Anyone that is even the slightest bit fair-minded can see the media for what they are. Which is what makes it so frustrating to see President Trump and his inability to verbalize a coherent argument against such an easy target? He could use social media in a positive and unprecedented way, to talk directly to the people with reasoning and sound arguments. But he doesn’t do that. He goes on tirades written on a 6th grade level. It’s embarrassing.

This brings us to Saturday morning’s Trump Twitter outburst. He tweeted out accusations of illegal wiretapping by former president Obama without any evidence to support his claims. For the record, I don’t doubt for a second that Obama would wiretap Trump Tower. He was obviously not above weaponizing any federal bureaucracy for political reasons. He was completely unethical, corrupt and awful in every way. But if President Trump has anything to back up his assertions, he should release it. According to some reports, he based his tweets off of media reports from months ago. Wouldn’t the wise and prudent thing be to order an investigation if he suspects that Obama acted in this way, not to try to one-up Obama in the arena of unpresidential actions? Didn’t he just say in his much heralded speech last week that it is time to come together and leave divisiveness behind? A good start would be for the president to start acting like a president and not a reality TV star.

Kyle Sweat

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