Don’t Argue With Idiots

Don’t Argue With Idiots

I was recently riding in the car with my wife and kids when one of my sons decides that we should play a word game.  The rules of the game were fairly simple.  One person picks a category and then everyone takes turns saying a word that belongs in that category.  My wife picked the first category which was Coca-Cola products. Since I worked for a Coca-Cola bottling company throughout college and several years afterwards (many years ago), I was sure that I would win.  Well, right off the bat, my son and I, have a disagreement.  He called out Sprite Zero.  I told him that was not an actual product (I thought there was just Coke Zero).  Instead of arguing we Goggled it and quickly found out that I didn’t know what I was talking about.  Now it is kind of embarrassing for the “Coke man” to not know his products so before I could get too much grief, I told a funny Coke man story.  

One day I was filling up a shelf when a woman asked me for a 12 pack of caffeine free Sprite.  I thought this was an odd request because all Sprites are caffeine free, but I grabbed a 12 pack and tried to put in her buggy.  The women quickly informed me that she wanted caffeine free Sprite.  Now, I’m slightly taken back but I try to explain to her that Sprite and Diet Sprite are always caffeine free.  Well, she does not like my attitude and points toward the Caffeine Free Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke and informs me she needs a Caffeine Free Sprite.  Needless to say, I was slightly aggravated but I developed a plan to show her that I was right.  I started pulling 12 packs of Sprite off the shelf.  I wanted to show her that Sprite doesn’t have caffeine in it.  I thought it would be easy to find “caffeine free” on the package.  Unfortunately, on that day, it was not easy to find, but while I am rummaging through the 12 packs the lady sees what she is looking for, a 12 pack of Sprite that is clearly labeled caffeine free.  I’m thinking to myself, all is well that ends well, but to my dismay the women instructs me to make a spot on the shelf for the “Caffeine Free Sprite,” so she can find them easier in the future.  I want to explain to her that every so often packages are slightly changed so that lazy Coke men, like me, are forced to rotate the products.  I quickly realized that it would be easier to just make a row of “Caffeine Free Sprite.” 

I find this story to be somewhat funny but it also has a moral to it.  Now, the moral is not that the customer is always right because that is definitely not true.  I do not think that having patience is the moral of this story either; although, it definitely makes life much easier.  The moral of this story is to not argue with idiots.  

Sadly, in today’s hyper partisan environment it is easy to fall into the trap of arguing with idiots.  So, the next time you hear a snowflake spewing some type of crazy nonsense on Facebook, don’t argue with them.   It will not do you any good, anyhow.  One, just like the “caffeine free Sprite lady”, they will never believe you.  Two, no matter how well you explain something some people refuse to listen.  I know it is hard to refrain from arguing with an idiot especially when you are 100 percent correct.  Unfortunately, sometimes it is best to ignore their ignorance and just take care of what you can even if you have to make a row of caffeine free Sprite.  


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