Economics Bell Ringers


  • Do you think big retail shops like Wal-Mart are good or bad for a town? Explain
  • What should be the federal minimum wage?  Explain
  • What would you do if your spouse had a spending problem?
  • What would you do if our money lost all of its value?
  • If you could start any business, what would it be and why?
  • Do you think America’s economy is improving?
  • When might a person want to use a check instead of cash?
  • Do you think most businesses treat their workers fairly?  Explain
  • What is the objective of the game Monopoly?
  • If you had to raise taxes, what or who would you raise it on?
  • Are you worried about climate change?
  • Make a list of things that will be expected out of you at work.
  • List reasons why you might want to save money.
  • When you become an adult, how much money do you think you need to make a year to be comfortable?  What is your definition of comfortable?
  • Do you think your generation will be as wealthy as your parent”s generation?  Explain
  • List three items that most people will want to buy this year.
  • How can you make money during the summer?

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