Did the federal government try to win the Presidential election for Hillary Clinton? 

The main stream media has tried to sell the American people on the idea that Russia influenced the Presidential election.   Unfortunately, the media will not investigate or report evidence that shows the federal government attempted to get Hillary Clinton elected president.

If one is to believe the mainstream media, Mrs. Clinton only lost the Presidential Election due to Russian interference.  The Wikileaks revelations are supposed to be the smoking gun showing collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.  Their theory is the Russians hacked the DNC and John Podesta’s emails so they could get Donald Trump elected President.  The media has not shown proof that Russia hacked these email accounts.  The media has shown no proof that anyone associated with President Trump worked with the Russian government.  They want Americans to blindly except that President Trump and his associates collaborated with the Russians.

Unfortunately for the media and Mrs. Clinton the hacked emails released by Wikileaks are the only evidence of collusion seen by the American people.  The hacked emails showed collaboration between the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The American people also got to see how the media worked with the Clinton campaign.  The media tells the American people that they should ignore and forget about the cooperation between the DNC and the Clinton campaign. They also tell Americans to ignore how they openly campaigned and cheered for Mrs. Clinton. The main stream media has turned into a modern-day version of snake oil salesmen.

With the recent revelations of “inadvertent” spying on American citizens and the illegal leaking of names to the media, there are two important questions that the media needs to be asking.

One, did the federal government and the Obama Administration attempt to unfairly and illegally influence how Americans voted in the Presidential Election?  This may be hard to prove but recent scandals point toward that this is a distinct possibility.  Let’s start with the Benghazi.  Instead of telling the truth, the Obama Administration lies to the American people because a terrorist attack right before the election was not good for President Obama’s reelection bid.  The administration knowingly and falsely blames the attack that kills four Americans including an American ambassador on a video.  In 2013 the IRS admit to targeting groups based on their names or political themes.  Political organizations that were against President Obama’s agenda received extra scrutiny and were often turned down for tax exemption status.

Two, did the Obama administration use the intelligence agencies to smear and discredit President Trump during the transition period?  The latest controversy involving Susan Rice, unmasking the names of American citizens who were inadvertently spied on, gives critics of the Obama administration ample fuel to accuse the former President’s staff of trying to illegally harm the Trump administration.

These two questions are being completely ignored by the main stream media.  The media does not want to ask these questions because they do not fit into their narrative.

It is obvious that the media attempted to get Mrs. Clinton elected President.  The same media outlets who attempted to get Mrs. Clinton elected President are now trying to destroy the Trump Presidency.  The fact that they are attempting to destroy President Trump and his agenda is extremely disappointing but predictable.  Sadly the days of the media being the fourth estate are gone; today the main stream media has become an extension of the Democratic Party.  Instead of investigation and covering the news, the media spits out Democratic talking points.

If the Obama Administration used the intelligence agencies to spy and collect information on their political opponents so they could politically destroy them, America is in a scary and extremely dangerous place.  Government employees who orchestrate and carry out plans to get one candidate elected President instead of having a free and fair election have to be held accountable.  If the perpetrators of a scheme to rig an election are not held accountable, America has become a banana republic.

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