God, Family, and Country

God, Family and Country

Many Americans have seriously messed up priorities.   Today’s materialistic society creates people who are constantly searching for better and more expensive things.  Outside of materialism, there is a constant search for pleasure and happiness.  Unfortunately, for the millions of people searching for happiness, they will not find it until they discover what is really important in life.  What should be important in people’s lives?  God, family, and country should be the most important aspects of people’s lives.


First of all, country is less important than family and God.  Some people may not agree, but it is true.  A country can collapse and be rebuilt better than ever before.  World War II devastated Japan and Germany.  The Marshal Plan helped Western European countries rebuild.  Japan had record economic growth between the end of World War II and the end of the Cold War.  This period is known as the Japanese economic miracle.   Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that is the right of the people to dissolve or alter a government that does not protect natural rights.  The government’s responsibility is to protect its citizens.  If the government does not protect its citizens, it should be dissolved.  In America, we have been blessed with a great country, but a country is only good if it protects the rights of its citizens.


The next most important thing in life is the family.  In America, the family is in a crisis.  Today, about four out of every ten children are born to unwed mothers.  Even worse, seventy-two percent of African American children are raised in a single parent household.   Sixty percent of all children who only have a mother at home live in poverty where as only eleven percent of children with two parents at home live in poverty.  Statistically, children who are raised without a father are more likely to commit a crime than children who are raised with both parents.   All of these numbers illustrate how important the family is to children.  Children need a mother and father at home.

With half of all American marriages ending in divorce, it is obvious that marriage is not easy.  With so many marriages ending in divorce, it is easy to question why people still get married.  The answer- life is better and more fulfilling when it is shared with others.  Love, marriage, and children are wonderful gifts from God, but these gifts come with a price.  The price of marriage and children is self-sacrifice.  Once a person becomes committed to another, they can no longer put themselves first.  Outside of God, the family should be the most important thing in one’s life.


For some parents it is hard to imagine anything being more important than children but one’s soul is eternal.  According to some theologians, all people are born with a “God shaped hole or vacuum.”  According to this theory, everyone has a vacuum or a hole inside of them that can only be filled with God.  Whether or not this is true is debatable, but it is undeniable that mankind has always been searching for the meaning of life.  Life has no meaning without God.

Today, people are constantly searching for happiness with countless people dissatisfied with their lives.  People turn to drugs and other kinds of vices in search of happiness while true happiness can only be found through God.  Outside of God, the family should be the main focus of people.  America has been a great country because of the belief in God and self-sacrifice.  America will never be great again unless God and self-sacrifice once again become the norm.

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