Media lies, cover ups, and propaganda

Media lies, cover-ups, and propaganda

The salacious claims against Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore should sink his or any other person’s campaign.  Incredibly, Moore may still win and become a Senator.  How can an accused sexual predator win a political race, especially in today’s post Harvey Weinstein environment?  One, he is a republican running against a democrat in Alabama, and Alabama is definitely a red state.  The last democrat presidential candidate to win in Alabama was Jimmy Carter in 1976.  Second and most importantly, the mainstream media has zero credibility.  According to a Harvard-Harris poll, sixty-five percent of all voters and eighty percent of Republicans believe there is a lot of fake news in the mainstream media.  

How did the media lose its credibility?  

Media lies

First of all, mainstream media lies.  Journalists are fond of accusing the President and his administration of lying and misconduct, but they seldom offer proof of said lies or misconduct.  Sadly, there are numerous examples of the media editing footage and outright making up stories to make the President look bad.  

Perhaps, the best example of the media editing footage happened on President Trump’s recent visit to Japan.  Journalist freaked out over a picture of President Trump dumping fish food into a koi pond. Then, people accused the President of being a buffoon for over feeding the fish.  Some people said his dumping the entire box of food into the pond would lead to the death of the fish.  This crazy story was quickly debunked when footage of the Prime Minister of Japan doing the same thing emerged. The Washington Examiner has a done a great job keeping up with media “misfires” since the election of President Trump.   

Media Cover Ups

Media covering up democratic scandals is another reason people, especially conservatives, do not trust the media. Scandals during the Obama administration include but are definitely not limited to: the IRS targeting conservatives, the attack on the Benghazi compound, the Clinton emails, and the fast and furious gun walking.  Any of these scandals would have sunk any Republican administration. President Nixon was threatened with impeachment for less.  


Finally, the media often acts like the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.  The media assured its listeners that Hillary Clinton would be elected president.  The media was silent on Uranium One and all other Clinton scandals.  On the other hand, the media attacked Donald Trump in every way imaginable.  After the Clinton campaign accused the Trump campaign of colluding with the Russians, the media went all in to prove Russian Collusion in the election.  So far the most damning information is the DNC paid for the Russian Dossier.

Roy Moore may or may not be elected Senator.  In the past his campaign would have been sunk by the allegations against him.  Unfortunately, the media has lost almost all of its credibility with the American people.  Lies, cover ups, and propaganda have caused the fourth estate to fall.  

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