The Not My Fault Generation

Are you a drug addict?   It is not your fault.  Are you fat?  That is not your fault either.  Do you have a miserable life?  Obliviously, that is not your fault.  In today’s culture, individuals are not held responsible for their actions.  Americans are encouraged to blame someone else for all of their problems.


Why are so many young adults and teens unable to take responsibility for their own actions?  It probably has a lot to do with the lack of support from fathers.  Today, the biggest problem in America is men not taking care of their children.  Almost all of America’s problems can be attributed to men being absentee fathers.   Sixty percent of children who live in mother only homes live in poverty, where as only eleven percent of children who live in a two parent home live in poverty.  Not only are children who live in a single parent home more likely to live in poverty, statistically they are more likely to end up in prison.  According to Politifact, children who are raised in a mother only home are about twice as likely to end up incarcerated as children who grow up in a mother-father household.  Statically, children who do not have a father at home are severely disadvantaged.

Fatherhood is a very important subject to me because I have four sons.  I hope my sons become better men than me.  So far my sons have been great boys, and I could brag about them all day long.  Honestly, my sons are great even though their father has not always been the best dad.  In fact, I am embarrassed by the way I have acted at times.  It is safe to say I will never win a father of the year award.  Honestly, my wife deserves to go to heaven just for raising four boys and putting up with me.

Personal Responsibility

Even though I am not the world’s greatest dad, I have tried very hard to teach my sons important lessons.  First of all, I taught my sons that they are responsible for their own actions.  I have tried to teach them that the only thing you can control in life is yourself.  Personal responsibility is a tough thing to teach.  In fact, it can only be taught through actions.  Children observe and emulate their parents.   Fathers who work hard every day are setting an example for their children to follow.  Likewise, fathers who do not go to work are setting an example that their children will follow too.

Self-sacrifice is another important lesson that I tried to teach my sons.  Time is the most important thing a father can sacrifice for a child.    No one wants to work an extra job, but sometimes extra income is needed.    Coaching youth sports takes time away from other activities, but it provides children with lasting memories.   Children know if their father is making sacrifices for them.

Our nation will continue to have huge social problems until men take responsibility for their children.  Anyone can make a child, but it takes a real man to raise a child.  Being a good father is not easy; it is hard work.  Unfortunately, many men are no longer willing to make sacrifices for their children, and working hard has become passé.  America will never be great again unless men become responsible fathers.

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