Are You Prepared for Civil Unrest?

Are you prepared for civil unrest?

Americans should be concerned with their safety and the well being of their families.  The world that we are living in is becoming more dangerous by the day.  Today’s political environment is getting more and more toxic.  Islamic terrorism and radical leftist terrorism is on the rise.  It is time for all Americans to begin preparing for massive civil unrest.

Americans can look to the past to prepare for uncertain times.  During World War I and II, Americans planted Victory Gardens.  These gardens helped Americans to have food security and help the war effort.  Hopefully, America will never be engaged in a World War again but Americans would be wise to have their own source of food.

Civil unrest could interrupt the flow of food to grocery stores.  If grocery stores are not able to get shipments of food, they will quickly run out of food because groceries stores do not keep large supplies of food in their storage rooms.  In fact, grocery stores have about a three day supply of food.  Anyone, who has ever lived in the South knows how quickly stores empty when there is a chance of snow.  Any disruption in the food supply would cause grocery stores to be out of food for weeks or more in just a few hours.

Having a supply of food is not the only way Americans should prepare for uncertain times.  Many Americans do not know how to properly store food.  For many years Americans canned and stored food for the winter or hard times.  Preserving food is becoming a lost art in our modern world.  A lot of different types of food can be canned at home.  High acidic foods like tomatoes can be cold or raw pack while other foods need to be canned in a pressure cooker.

Having a personal food supply may be worthless without having a way of protecting it.  All Americans should have some means of protection.  It would be wise for most Americans to own firearms and be trained in how to properly use them.

A home garden should not take the place of a supply of non perishable food.  It instead should be a supplement to a cache of food.  There are many more ways to prepare for civil unrest but having a personal food supply of six months of non perishable food, a home garden, and a way to protect it is a great starting point.


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