Projecting Mental Issues on the President

Projecting Mental Issues on the President

Most people have not heard of the theory of psychological projection.  This theory states that humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses by denying their existence in themselves and attributing them to others.  There are numerous members of the media and Hollywood who claim that the president is mentally unfit for office.  Instead of questioning the President, I believe people should be questioning the mental health of members of the mass media.  I am not an expert, but I believe a reasonable person can conclude that many of Trump’s critics have mental health issues.

The Goldwater Rule

The Goldwater Rule states that it is unethical for psychiatrist to give professional opinions about public figures that they have not examined.  Even if a public figure is examined by a professional, it is unethically to give out diagnosis without the consent of the patient. Unfortunately, this rule has been ignored by some licensed mental health professionals.

It is fair to say that critics of the President have developed paranoia about his mental health. Many members of the mass media gleefully predicted that it was impossible for Donald Trump to get elected president.  It is quite possible that members of the mass media unable to handle being so wrong.  If this is the case, they very well may be projecting their irrational fears onto the President.


To be clear, I am not saying that everyone who criticizes President Trump is mentally ill.  It is reasonable to wonder if some of his critics are projecting their own mental issues onto the President.  Also, it is fair to wonder why mental health professionals did not feel the need to offer their opinions on President Obama.  Why did President Obama seem to bow to foreign dignitaries?  Why did President Obama refer to himself seventy-five times in his farewell address?

The mainstream ignored President Obama’s grandiose behavior, which very well could be a sign of narcissism, because they agreed with his agenda.  Without question, the vast majority of the mainstream media is against the policies of President Trump.  Unfortunately, instead of acting like professional journalist, the mainstream media attacks President Trump with a fervor that borders on paranoia.  It is possible that journalists are correct in their assessment of the President’s mental health, but I believe that it is more likely many of President Trump’s loudest critics are mentally unstable.


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