The Questions Calexit Advocates Need to Answer

The questions Calexit advocates need to answer

Following the 2016 Presidential Election, progressive democrats began clamoring for California to secede from the United States.  Even though liberals have lambasted Britain for leaving the European Union, they have used Brexit as a model for leaving the United States.  Mainstream news organizations have given these advocates a platform to advance their views.  If Hillary Rodham Clinton would have won the presidential election and Texas wanted to secede from the union, these same main stream pundits would be calling secessionist treasonous racists.  Since Donald Trump won the election, it is quite trendy to discuss collusion and treason while at the same time supporting secession.

In my opinion, whether or not California exits the union should be up to the voters of California but the country has already gone to war once over secession so the Supreme Court must rule secession legal.  Unfortunately for secessionist, the Supreme Court ruled in 1869, that secession was illegal.  Obviously, 1869 was a long time ago so it is possible that the Supreme Court could overturn Texas v. White.  If leaving the union is once again ruled unconstitutional, the Constitution can be amended to allow secession.  Now, getting enough votes to leave the union and getting permission to leave are two huge hurdles for the Calexit supporters to overcome but it is theoretically possible.

It is quite easy to find proponents of Calexit on cable news but is rare to find anchors (excluding Tucker Carlson) that do a credible job questioning the exit supporters.   There are a ton of questions that exit supporters need to answer but one question is more important than any other and to my knowledge it has not been answered.  I do not believe anyone has even asked the number one question supporters of Calexit must answer.  Before I revile what should be the first question every news anchor proposes to supporters of secession, I am going to ask and answer other huge questions.

One, what kind of currency are the people of California going to use?  This is an extremely important question.  The dollar should not be the currency of a foreign country.  Will California back their currency with gold?  Without having the “full faith and credit” of the United States government, would the currency of California have any value?  It is very doubtful.  Without the dollar, Californians would probably face mass inflation like Venezuelans are suffering from now.

Two, what happens to the military bases and federal land inside of California?  I have heard this question asked and answered.  A supporter of Calexit stated that these bases could be leased to the United States but I have no idea why the federal government would pay for land that it already rightfully owns.  It would be like a stranger telling you that they want your home so it is now theirs but don’t worry; they will rent it to you.  This question actually has an easy answer.  The United States will keep all of its bases and land in California; in return, the United States will not allow Mexico to annex California.

Three, what percentage of the national debt does California owe?  California should be forced to pay for their part of the national debt.  This is a question that can be negotiated but in all honesty California should be forced to pay whatever the other states feel is acceptable.  The better question might be who is going to pay for the wall between the United States and California?  President Trump would claim California will pay for the wall.

There are a lot more questions but here is the most important question that no one is asking: What happens to the areas of California that do not want to secede?  Will California force the rural areas of the state to leave the Union?  Would California allow the rural areas self-determination?  If the rural areas did not want to leave the Union, can America stand for another country holding legal United States citizens as virtual hostages in a foreign country?    Without the rural areas producing food, can California survive as a nation?  California cannot survive as a country without its agricultural regions and the United States cannot allow citizens removed from their country against their will.

Right now, some people within the state of California are having a hissy fit over a presidential election.  Cosmopolitan progressives believe that the rural areas of American have forced an unwanted president and agenda upon them.  Sadly, these cosmopolitan liberals are trying to force an unwanted agenda upon the rural residents of their own state.  Unfortunately as American cultures continues to deteriorate, the likely hood of a state wanting to leave the Union is becoming more and more likely.  It is California today but it could be Texas or somewhere else tomorrow.  Eventually, some state will vote to secede so Americans must decide whether or not the Union still must be and shall be preserved.




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