Are teachers ready to go back to work?

At this time of year, teachers always get asked if we are ready to go back to work…. well the truth is, most of us don’t stop working in the summer. We take kids to camps, competitions, or hold practices. We work on new lessons, attend professional development, and consider new strategies to engage our new class of students. We spend much needed time with our loved ones and yes, we get a break from the daily rigors of trying to inspire EVERY student, but to be asked if we are ready to go back to work, is probably like asking a star athlete if he or she is ready to return to a game, or asking a rock star if they want to get on stage, teaching is what we do and it is who we are. We never stop planning and preparing. Sure we have good days and days with opportunity to turn to good days, but teachers are ready. We are excited. It’s time for us to do what we do!!

Jeremy Banister

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