If threatened, will Kim Jung-un force mass suicides?

Since the end of the Korean War, North Korea has been the worst place in world to live.     According to the human rights organization, Amnesty International, North Korea has no parallel in the modern world when it comes to human rights violations.

The people of North Korea have suffered unspeakable hardships due to the insane policies of the leaders of the country.   The Kim family has ruled North Korea as dictators since 1948. A cult of personality has developed around Kim Il-sung.  In fact Kim Il-sung is basically worshiped as a god by the North Korean people.

The Kim family developed a policy of Juche  which is basically complete self-reliance and isolationism.  The rulers have kept its citizens in total isolation from the outside world.  There is no free speech or press in the country.  Television, radio, and news are extremely regulated.  Much worse than that, millions of North Koreans have died from starvation, imprisonment, or execution since the end of the Korean War.

American Presidents have treated North Korea like a giant piranha but not a threat to America or the rest of the world.  Unfortunately, the hermit kingdom is becoming more than a just a quirky country that we pity and laugh at.

The North Koreans already have nuclear weapons and they are trying to develop rockets that can deliver a nuclear warhead to American soil.  North Korea is steadily approaching the point of becoming a real threat to America.  They have absolutely no chance of defeating America in a war but they can kill millions of Americans if they are allowed to develop rockets capable of reaching America.  The North Koreans may not be able to strike America at this moment, but with a million man army, they pose a huge threat to their Asian neighbors. South Korea and Japan are at risk of having massive civilian deaths if the leaders of North Korea decide to attack them.

All of this puts President Trump in a precarious situation.  The policies of the previous Republican and Democrat Presidents have been disastrous.  Economic sanctions have not worked.  The Koreans’ government has developed nuclear weapons while millions of Koreans have starved to death.  Any government that is willing to let its own people starve to death because they are not willing to give up its weapons of mass destruction is extremely evil and dangerous.  It may not be the time to launch a preemptive strike on North Korea but it is coming dangerously close.

How to defeat North Korea military may not be the biggest problem facing the President.  If it becomes paramount to attack and destroy the North Korean regime, the biggest problem facing the world is what to do with the North Korean people.  The entire country may be suffering from PTSD.  Nearly 70 years of extreme government abuse must have placed a tremendous toil on the psyche of the entire population.

It is very possible that the Koreans could be forced to commit suicide by the millions.  Imagine Jim Jones having control of millions of people instead of a thousand.  The idea of losing so much human life is unimaginable but so too is letting a crazed dictator threaten the world with nuclear weapons. Trying to figure out how to end the North Korean threat and then reintegrate the Korean people into the rest of the world may be the biggest challenge any American President has faced since World War II.


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