Using the School to Survive the Apocalypse IV


Millions of Americans are preparing for disasters.  An apocalyptic event caused by man or nature is quite possible.  Unfortunately, even the best prepared people may find themselves lacking critical supplies.  Homes and supplies may be destroyed by fire or taken over by hostile forces.  Having a backup plan and knowing where to find supplies could be the difference between life and death.  If an apocalyptic event occurs, critical supplies can be found at schools.

Schools may have an abundance of supplies.   Since the school offers so many possible resources, I wrote a series of articles describing how to use the school to survive.  The first article in the series describes how to get supplies from a school bus.  In the second article, I discuss how to use the schools janitorial closets and the nurse’s station to survive.  The third article explains how to use the school’s gymnasium to acquire needed supplies.  This will be the fourth and final article in this series.

Green Houses

To begin with, almost every school will have agricultural and mechanics classes.  Some schools will even have green houses.  The green house may be a great place to acquire resources.  It is quite likely that a green house may have seeds, plant containers, and fertilizers stored inside or near it.  Obviously, seeds and fertilizer could be of great benefit if there is an interruption to the food supply chain.  A green house may also have gardening supplies such as a tiller, hoes, shovels and rakes.  Even if a school does not have a green house, these types of supplies may be found inside a maintenance building.

Shop Class

Many schools have separate buildings for the agricultural department.  The Agri building (shop) will have many different types of tools.  Most shops will also have a small supply of lumber.  If schools are no longer functioning, there is a good chance that the electricity is not working too.  Even without electricity, the shop will have many useful hand tools and supplies.  Hand saws, hammers and nails can be used to build a wide assortment of things.  These tools can be used to build small buildings, such as an outhouse.

Baseball field

Another place to look for supplies is the baseball field.  Most baseball fields will have a storage building.  The storage building may contain lime which is used to paint lines on the baseball field.  Lime can be used inside of an outhouse.  Lime reduces the smell inside of an outhouse, and it also helps to keep flies away.  Finally, rye grass may also be found inside a baseball storage building.  Rye grass is a winter grass.  Rye grass can be used to feed livestock in the winter, and it also attracts wildlife such as deer.

Schools are full of valuable resources.  If an apocalyptic event occurs, people who need supplies could find them at their local school.

Do not steal from schools.  This article is only brainstorming possible solutions to a hypothetical situation. 

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