Using Schools to Survive the Apocalypse 2

We are living in a very dangerous time.   Antifa is planning a communist revolution for November 4.  There seems to be mass shootings every month.  Politically, America is divided like never before.  Obviously, Americans need to be preparing for uncertain times.  Civil war or societal breakdown could be just over the horizon.

Government Collapse

If our government collapses, looting will be widespread.  Looters will quickly plunder retail stores, so supplies will be hard to obtain.  Unfortunately even the best preppers will find themselves lacking critical supplies.  People will have to be extremely creative to obtain the things they need to survive.  Outside of the cafeteria, schools may not be heavily looted, so schools may be a great place for people to get what they need.


Many people do not realize that schools contain lots of valuable supplies.  First of all, every school building should have a janitorial closet.  A well stocked janitorial closet will contain trash bags, bleach, paper towels, soap, toilet paper, mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies.  Bleach will be a very useful resource in a survival situation.  Obviously, bleach can be used to disinfect surfaces, but it can also be used to treat water.  Six to eight drops of bleach should be added to each gallon of water.  Toilet paper will quickly be worth its weight in gold. Most Americans would not have a clue how to clean themselves without toilet paper so diseases will quickly spread.

There are many more resources outside of janitorial closets.  Every school will have a room for a nurse. The nurse’s station should conation a first aid kit and it might contain a defibrillator.  Unfortunately, the school’s nurse station is usually not a great source of medicine.  School nurses are very limited on what medicine they can give students.  Outside of students’ prescription drugs, schools usually do not have a lot of medicine.

The school library is another great resource.  If society breaks down, television and internet may not be available, so boredom will quickly set in.  Books will be one of the few forms of entertainment, so a well stocked library will be a valuable resource.   It is not likely, but school libraries may have books that contain survival and prepping information.

Be Prepared

All Americans should have a supply of food and medicine for emergencies, but unexpected events, such as a fire, can cause people to lose all of their supplies.  If there is a civil war or society breaks down, supplies will disappear quickly.  People will have to be very creative to find ways to meet their needs.  Finding supplies in unusual places can be the difference between life and death.

Using Schools to Survive the Apocalypse I

Do not steal from schools.  This article is only brainstorming possible solutions to a hypothetical situation. 

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