Using Schools to Survive the Apocalypse III

People all over America are prepping for uncertain times.  Smart Americans are stocking supplies and making preparations in case of a natural disaster or societal collapse.  Unfortunately, preparations can quickly fall apart.  Natural disasters can destroy supplies.  The apocalypse can happen when people are away from their home, and bug out locations can be over run.   People need to make plans and back up plans in case of a shtf situations.

Schools may be a place to get valuable resources.  School buses have fire extinguishers and other items that can be used for survival.  Almost every school building will have janitorial closets.  These closets will contain items such as toilet paper, bleach, soap, and trash bags.  These supplies will be critical in surviving a collapse.  Busses and janitorial closets are not the only places to find supplies at schools.  The school basketball gym may be a great place to find survival supplies.  The school gym might not seem like a great place for supplies, but it may be a bonanza for needy people

To begin with, almost every gym will have a concession stand.  Unfortunately, the concession stand may not contain much food.   Looters will quickly descend upon a school cafeteria searching for food.  If that has happened; it is a safe bet that the concession stand will be looted too.  Even if a concession stand has not been looted, much of the food may be ruined.  Without electricity, gyms will become ovens, and chocolate candy will melt very quickly.  Not only will food spoil quickly, it will also be decimated bugs and rodents.  Even though much of the food in the concession stand may be ruined or looted, there is a good chance some food will survive.

Almost all concession stands in America sales popcorn.  Looters and rodents may not steal popcorn kernels when there are some many other options available.  People cannot live off of just popcorn, but it is a good snack that provides people with a decent amount of fiber.  Three cups of popcorn will provide people with about ten percent of their fiber requirement for the day.  Since popcorn comes in 50 pound bags, one bag of popcorn could provide a family with months of supplemental food.

Outside of the concession stand, the basketball gym will contain some more items that can be used for survival.  Every gym will have some type of first aid kit.  These kits will be very basic, but they will have bandages and athletic tape which could be life savers.  Many gyms contain defibrillators which are used for people who are in cardiac arrest.

Gyms will also contain water bottles, trash cans and ice chests.  This may seem like a strange combination, but it may be possible to use them to make an electricity free refrigerator.  These items can also be used in other ways too.  Each of these items could be used to store things such as water.  Obviously, trash cans should not be used to store food or drinking water.

Cleaning supplies such as soap and laundry detergent may be found in locker rooms.  There may also be clothes, shoes and towels inside of locker rooms.  These items may not seem important at first glance, but they may make life much more pleasant.  For example, if a woman becomes stranded in a pair of high heels, a pair of sneakers would be a God send.

Hopefully, America never suffers an apocalyptic event.  Unfortunately, history tells us that societies can be destroyed and collapse rapidly.  Natural disasters, pandemics and terrorist attacks can lead to the down fall of our great nation.  Everyone should be storing food and preparing for disasters.  People should also think about different ways to survive in case their preparations are laid to waste.


Do not steal from schools.  This article is only brainstorming possible solutions to a hypothetical situation. 

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