Using Schools to Survive the Apocalypse

Using Schools to Survive the Apocalypse

Part 1

An emp attack, a pandemic, a civil war or a major natural disaster can cause our society to collapse.   Unfortunately, most Americans are not prepared for a minor disruption to the food supply chain.  Once grocery stores run out of food so too will the vast majority of American people.  In a SHTF scenario looting will be rampant.  Retail and grocery stores will be the first places to go.

Within a few months, battering will be a way of life.  Alcohol, medicine, and bullets will replace money.   Even well prepared preppers will find themselves needing or lacking certain items.  Finding supplies will become harder each day.  Knowing where to find supplies might save one’s life.

Even though a school does not sound like an ideal place to secure supplies, every school will have an abundance of items that can be used for survival.  More than likely, schools will be a place that is used to house refugees or survivors, so school cafeterias will run out of food very quickly.  Schools may not be a source of food, but there are lots of non-food resources at schools.  After an apocalypse, school buses are a good place to start searching for supplies.

The bus itself may be used as a survival tool.  After an EMP attack, most vehicles will not be operable, but it is possible that an older bus may still run.   Obviously, having a means of transportation will be a great benefit.   Even if a bus is not working or a bus is not needed, there are still a lot of resources on every bus.  The diesel may be drained from the bus and used in tractors or generators.

There are some valuable resources inside buses too, and it is doubtful looters will pillage buses.  Every school bus is required to have a fire extinguisher.  If there is a societal collapse, cooking on open fires will be very common.  Having lots of open fires will inevitably lead to homes and possibly whole communities burning down, so fire extinguishers will be a very valuable commodity.

Not only are school buses required to have fire extinguishers; they are also required to have first aid kits.  The first aid kits on buses are not very good, but they can be used for bartering.  Buses also have very large batteries that may benefit people.   The seat covers on buses may be removed and repurposed.

School buses may also have napkins, trash bags, trash cans, paper and pencils inside them.  Each of these items could be valuable to people.  It is also possible that buses will have CB radios which could be of great use.

In a societal collapse there will be a great loss of life and destruction of property.  The people who are able to keep calm and find resources in unique places will be able to survive.  Hopefully, America will never collapse, but history tells us to be prepared for anything.

Do not steal from schools.  This article is only brainstorming possible solutions to a hypothetical situation. 

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