Using Social Media as a Tool 

Using Social Media as a Tool

Social media allows people to give their opinions to more people than ever before.  Before the advent of social media, most people did not have a large platform to express themselves.  A few people such as newspaper editors, news anchors and perhaps preachers had a large platform to express their opinions but most people could only give their opinions to their people they had daily contact with.

Today, through social media, everyone has the ability to express their opinions to anyone about anything.  How have Americans used their new platform?  For the most part, Americans have not used their new platform very well.  Every day social media is filled with rants and cruelty toward other people.

Here in the South, college football is king.  Major programs have avid fans that follow everything from recruiting to the draft. Sadly, as soon as a team loses one game, many of these fans are up in arms and are calling for the firing of the coach.  The vast majority of fans are ignorant fools. They only thing many fans know about football is the final score and that may be giving some of them too much credit.  Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge doesn’t keep them from expressing what should have happened and what should happen in the future.

Rants are definitely not limited to sports.  During an election cycle, vile vitriol is rampant.   Social media is also filled with personal attacks.  The internet is filled with offended people airing their attacks against others which create more offended people and a never-ending cycle of hostility.

People should look at social media as a tool and nothing more.  Social media, like any tool, is only as good as the person wielding it.  As a tool, social media can be compared to a hammer.  A hammer can be used to build a house or it can be used to tear a house down.  Today, there are way too many people trying to tear down others.

I want to be friends with people who are trying to build something good.  I no longer feel the need to try to accumulate a large personal following.  Now, I obviously want to bring as many people as possible into my website because I believe that is a tool for good.  I hope you agree.


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