What Makes America Great

I got to witness what makes America great.  My wife and I took our oldest two sons to Dallas so they could fly to San Diego to finish their Marine Corps training.  As we were waiting for them to board the plane, one of their fellow Marines (who had been in recruit training with them) showed up with his family.  The boys embraced each other in the esprit de corps.  These young Marines have a brotherhood that was forged in fire.  It did not matter that they were different races.  It made no difference that my sons, who are white, grew up in a very rural part of Arkansas or that their fellow Marine, who is black, grew up in Dallas.  My wife and I stood by the Marine’s family and watched them bravely wait in line to board the plane.  These teenage boys had just finished the world’s toughest recruit training and were headed back for more with smiles on their faces.  As they were standing in line to board the plane, my wife began to cry.  The other Marine’s mom, who is black, embraced her in a hug and then we all stood together proudly watching our sons board the plane.  Two proud families, one black and one white, stood side by side united by a love for our sons and country.

If America is going to continue to survive as a country, we can no longer be divided by race, gender, religion or any of the other ways politicians try to divide us.  Americans regardless of race or religion have been blessed to live in the greatest nation the world has ever seen.  We are all Americans.  It is about time we start acting like it.


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