Whatever happened to saying please and thank you?

Whatever happened to saying please and thank you?

Basic etiquette no longer exists in much of America.  I was recently listening to the Glen Beck radio program.  He took a call from a very polite eighteen year old lady.  This young caller called him Mr. Beck and said yes sir and no sir to him.  Mr. Beck was shocked by her politeness.  He asked the young lady if she was from the South or from a military family.  The young lady was not from the South or from a military family; she was just a polite, young conservative lady.  During her phone call, the young lady made some genuine good points, but the purpose of her call is irrelevant to this article.  The most important take away from her conversation with Mr. Beck was his genuine shock at her politeness.

Why should anyone be surprised by a young lady being polite?  In South Arkansas most young men and women are still very polite.  Personally, I expect my children to say yes sir or ma’am and no sir or no ma’am.  If someone one does something for my children, I expect them to say, “Thank you.”   Unfortunately, even in the South politeness is becoming more and more rare.

If you are to turn on any news program today, it is quite easy to see how proper etiquette has fallen by the wayside.  I’ll give you an easy and glaring example.  Whenever there is a guest on a news program, the guest almost always calls the host by their first name.  Personally, I would be honored and thrilled to be a guest on Tucker Carlson’s show Tucker Carlson Tonight.  I couldn’t imagine calling him Tucker.  For one, I don’t know him.  We are not buddies hanging out or fishing together.  Also, he is hosting a news show and I’m his guest so why would I call him by his first name?  I cannot think of a good reason to call him Tucker.  I would call him Mr. Carlson because he has earned the right to be called Mr. Carlson.  Mr. Carlson is a successful adult who is providing news, opinions and information to the American public.  He is not Joe Schmo selling beer out of the back of a van.

Now, I know that calling the host of a news program by his first name is not a federal crime but it is a symbol of the lack of manners that is taking over this country.  A better example of the lack of proper etiquette can be found on college campuses throughout America.  I do not know when it became permissible to call a professor by their first name but it is not right.  All students should call their professors Mr. or Mrs. or Doctor if they have earned that degree.   I recently watched an interview of a student from Evergreen State College.  This young lady was enraged with one of the professors Brett Weinstein at the college.  His sin was not supporting a day without white people.  In this interview the young lady repeatedly calls for the firing of “Brett.”  She was not concerned with his view point or his ideas.  She only wanted Brett to be fired.  The actions of some of the students at Evergreen State College are horrid.  These students need to be sat down and taught how to talk to adults.  They need to learn how to say yes sir and no sir.  These students need to be taught to say “Thank you.”

Maybe I’m expecting too much out of the students at Evergreen State College.  After all, with an acceptance rate of 98.9 percent, Evergreen State College is not turning down anyone who can fill out an application.  Now, at any credible university or high school, the administrators should expect more from their students.

Personally, I would like to thank you for reading this article.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. What ethnicity are you….? perhaps it’s part of whatever your culture is. Traditional American culture is polite and says thank you and please . Thank yous and pleases don’t happen in India unless in a formal setting and only with strangers. But the article did bring this out rather well.

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