Why build a political website?

Purpose of 1776patriots.com

During the tumultuous summer of 2016, I had two sons in Marine Corps training.  After thirteen weeks of the world’s hardest recruit training, my sons returned home for their ten day leave.  While the boys were on leave, we had long talks about their boot camp experience and life in general.  They told me many stories about boot camp.  Some of their stories are very funny but others stories were too horrifying to tell their mother.  We also talked a lot about the state of the country.  The boys were very concerned about the country, especially the racial divide that had swept through the country.  They told me that, in their experience, race is not a problem in the Marine Corps.  They assured me that all recruits were treated the same regardless of their race.  In fact, my sons made strong bonds with recruits of all races.  They were quick to point out that the character of the individual, not the race, is what makes a man.

After ten short days, it was time for the boys to return to San Diego to complete their training.  Both of the boys were in poor physical condition and could barely walk when they returned to San Diego (one of the boys had fractured his hip in boot camp and the other one had a staph infection on his foot).  After they returned to San Diego, I decided that I needed to become more actively involved in politics. I was actually a little bit ashamed of myself because my sons are willing to do so much for the country and I have done so little.  To help remedy my conscience, I began posting my opinion about current events on Facebook, which is something I had rarely done in the past.  I would think long and hard about a topic, research it and make a post, hoping to inform and change opinions.  Unfortunately, even though millions of people use Facebook, it is not the best platform to present opinions even with or especially with supporting evidence.  In fact, few people can reach a very large audience with Facebook.  According to various websites, the average Facebook user has about 338 friends.  The median number is 200, so half of all Facebook users have less than 200 friends.

I quickly realized that Facebook can be a great tool for certain things but it should not be the only tool for a person who wants to bring a much needed change to America, especially considering the possibility that certain ideas and viewpoints may be censored by Facebook.  I quickly came to a conclusion: to bring much needed changes to America, patriotic-conservative people need more tools in their tool belt.  I believe that patriotic-conservatives need a means of reaching more people so I came up with the idea of 1776patriots.com.  The main purpose of 1776patriots.com is to give the readers of this site the opportunity to have their voice heard by a greater number of people.  Hopefully, numerous people will read the material provided.  Giving a great voice to conservative-patriots is not the only goal of 1776patriots.com.  My intentions for this site is to educate readers, to promote patriotism, and to provide links for services.  I will also have the latest news and current events posted.  I only ask that you provide original work that is honest and supported by evidence.



Owner Philip Gentry

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